The Successful Boss’s First One Hundred Days

The Successful Boss’s First One Hundred Days

Being a new boss is difficult. All bosses have to make their mark and have to learn how their team operates best. They need to satisfy difficult staff and customers, cope with encroaching competitors and deal with their own expectations, hopes, fears and self doubts. This book aims to ensure that you are better prepared and a better boss. It shows the new boss how to successfully lead their team for the first 100 days. It guides you through the options and pitfalls that await you at each pursuit and helps you to reach your goals. Key features include: how to be better prepared and a better boss, covers the important issues in ten-day chapters, each chapter includes a checklist to measure how things are going, describes how to advance your interests and that of your unit and company. Readership: All new bosses who want to be prepared and be a better boss.


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