The Third Revolution

The Third Revolution

Capstone is a mould-breaking trade business publisher, with books written by the world’s most innovative business thinkers who are redefining the work world. Formed just two years ago in February 1996 by Mark Allin, Richard Burton, Richard Koch, and Catherine Meyrick, Capstone has developed into an oustanding brand in the international trade business market.

Capstone authors are drawn from all parts of the globe in order to create the most dynamic, cosmopolitan list that speaks to senior executives worldwide, whatever their job function — industry or territorial market.

Capstone is currently dedicated to achieving two main goals: first to become the dominant publisher in the international sector; and second, to remain the publisher of choice for the highest profile thinkers in business and management.

Capstone publishes no more than 25 titles each year. In an age of publishing agglomeration, in which thousands of books are released each month, Capstone’s philosophy is to maximize sales from fewer titles by publishing only the best, and by marketing them aggressively.



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