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"This fascinating analysis uncovers the business management secrets hidden in physics, biology and mathematics." - Washington Post

The 80/20 Principle and 92 Other Power Laws of Nature: The Science of Success

In this sequel to the bestselling “The 80/20 Principle”, Richard Koch reveals how things really work – the universal, powerful patterns in nature, society, organizations and markets, the power laws – that can be applied successfully to life and business in the early 21st century. In this rich and kaleidoscopic synthesis of science and business, Richard Koch has given us fresh, powerful and unique accomplishments – he has provided something never before codified, the actual science of success.

In a brand new Preface, bestselling author Richard Koch describes a paradigm shift in business, whereby intuition is more important than analysis, ideas and product trump strategy, and influence is superior to control.

In this essential companion to his bestselling The 80/20 Principle - the radical power law that helped thousands of people achieve more by doing less - Koch illuminates 92 other universal principles and laws to promote the science of success in an increasingly challenging business environment.


  • Author

    Richard Koch
  • Pages

  • Publisher

    Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • Release Date

    06 June 2013
  • ISBN-10

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