The world has been transformed for the better by two revolutions, capitalism and democracy.

The Third Revolution: Creating Unprecedented Wealth & Happiness for Everyone in the New Millennium

What is the Third Revolution?

  • The world has been transformed for the better by two revolutions, capitalism and democracy.
  • Democracy was expected to abolish capitalism. It nearly did.
  • Today, both capitalism and democracy continue to expand their power. They coexist uneasily. Capitalism and democracy share many attributes, but capitalism continues to have a dark side that can only be extirpated by democratic reform.
  • All the left’s attempts to reform or replace-capitalism have failed, because their intellectual premises were wrong. The intentions, however, were and remain valid. The intellectual bankruptcy of socialism and social democracy has created a void.
  • A breakthrough is possible only by fusing capitalism and democracy. Democracy must embrace the market mechanism in a totally new way in order to abolish capitalism as we know it, to democratize capitalism.
  • This third revolution can unite and give moral purpose to developed societies and, within the next century, banish war, hunger and oppression from the face of the earth.

From the Inside Flap

The Third Revolution "Koch of his passionate best. Penetrating, bold, exciting, informative. Koch points the principles of a future that left and right, communist and capitalist, cynic and dreamer can all support." Andrew Campbell Director of Ashridge Strategic Management Centre

  • How can you and everyone else in the world enjoy unparalleled wealth and happiness?
  • What is the future for business if capitalism is revolutionized?
  • What will banish war, hunger and oppression from the face of the earth?
  • How can the 21st century be the richest, fairest and happiest in history?

In The Third Revolution, Richard Koch, best-selling author of Breakup! and The 80/20 Principle turns his attention from business and individual growth to the forces which are shaping society. The Third Revolution is a compelling manifesto for a radically different, democratized, market system designed for everyone — moving political and economic power from governments to people, from rich to poor and from first world to third. Global in scope, it represents an unprecedented synthesis of the radical free market liberalism of the right with the popular egalitarianism of the left. But this is no socialist dream - the transformation will only occur when markets are free and everyone can create wealth, not just financiers and a few privileged managers. Join the Third Revolution! When democratized capitalism unleashes the power of the people we will all be the richer and happier for it.


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    Richard Koch
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    18 May 2009
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