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Richard Koch shows how to use these Power Laws to identify and exploit business opportunities...

The Power Laws: How Business Really Works

In this sequel to the bestselling “The 80/20 Principle“, Richard Koch reveals how things really work – the universal, powerful patterns in nature, society, organizations and markets, the power laws – that can be applied successfully to life and business in the early 21st century. Drawn from every element of the sciences, these power laws provide clues as to how the world operates, enabling readers to trace the patterns which generate great insights into business. By understanding and applying them, fresh and exciting ideas about how to be successful can be generated. The author shows how to use the power laws to identify and exploit business opportunities; to please the right customers; to shed light on the nature of competition; how to beat – and equally importantly, cooperate with – competitors.


  • Author

    Richard Koch
  • Pages

  • Publisher

    Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • Release Date

    11 May 2000
  • ISBN-10

  • ISBN-13


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