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Koch certainly doesn’t disappoint. He uses established scientific principles and theories to simplify and explain the complex world of business, and it’s magnificent. You’ll learn a hell of a lot about business, but you’ll learn a hell of a lot about science, too.
– Dane Cobain, Writer High Wycombe, United Kingdom SocialBookshelves.com


Pick up The Natural Laws of Business by Richard Koch. This intriguing book by the author of The 80/20 Principle applies scientific insight in physics, natural sciences and economics toward business success. Its result? A thought-provoking book that exercises the brain and limbers the innovation muscle.
– Sharon Secor, Freelance Writer Fresno, CA


Living the 80/20 Way offers readers a shortcut to their personal destinations by presenting the questions that need to be asked along the way and providing a philosophy that can be applied to each step. By emphasizing focus and enjoyment while discussing work and success, Koch presents a road map that can help anyone get farther on his or her personal journey to success in business, life and relationships.
– Michael Koscec, Author & Manager Toronto, Canada Employee Survey Toolkit


The 80/20 principle will help you: Put in fewer hours, yet never be short of time, learn to focus on the issues that really matter, achieve exceptional results by working less, and feel successful everyday.
– Dr. Manish Dave, Retina & Eye Surgeon Mumbai, India


I am a Principal in the energy practice at BCG. I have learned more about business you’re your books that from 10 years at BCG.
– Arie Sam, Principal, The Boston Consulting Group, London, UK


I just want to convey my gratitude to you for writing your books on the 80/20 Principle. I worked myself to the bone for much of my career and my reward was to have my position eliminated Aug. 2012. This was in the third year of battling to keep my wife from dying of cancer. I usually stayed late at my jobs and came in on weekends. One night my wife called me at midnight on a Sunday when I was in the office with my desk piled with papers. It was hellish.
The 80/20 Principle is a whole new way of looking at life and work. It has literally helped to save my sanity during a tremendously stressful time, and kept me from even considering going back into that hell hole. The psychological weight off my back just from having a different way of looking at life and work is wonderful.
I plan on selling off many of my books because I see that what’s important isn’t knowing hundreds or thousands of facts or strategies, but internalizing and using an 80/20 handful of principles and a few marketable skills.
Again, many thanks.
– Carl Borja Nelson, Guam, USA


Already you’ve revealed brilliant insights that I know have saved me from a lifetime of hard labour and frustration. THANK YOU!
Like you advised in “Living the 80/20 Way”, I’ve learned how to sell face to face and have since collected cheques worth more than 2x my previous weekly salary as a lawyer in just 30 minutes. That was a nice ‘ahar moment’.
– Rohan Thompson, Sydney, Australia


I re-read your book “The 80/20 Principle” and found multiple uses for my organization both in terms of identifying the biggest business building interventions as well as coaching people to work less hard and focus on a few things that really matter. On a broader scale, my company is looking to better adapt the organization to make the right priority choices, flow to the work that matters most (the vital few) and identify the best skill profile / people who would do well in such an environment. The Consumer and Market Knowledge Department…with our previous re-design, we have tried to develop more of a flow to the biggest business building interventions set-up and mindset, and while we have made progress, we believe we can do more in this area.
– Stefanie Parsons, Associate Director Consumer & Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble Europe S.A., Lancy, Switzerland


About five years ago I purchased a copy of the 80/20 principle. At the time I had been struggling with work/life balance (too much work, not enough life) and your book gave me the context I needed to make my company successful enough that I could generate passive income. I owned a literary agency and a book packager and realized that I made more money in the 20% of the time I devoted to managing other agents and employees rather than the 80% of sales I was making myself. It seems so obvious now, but at the time your book was more than enlightening.
Since then I’ve been working with other entrepreneurs in similar positions; working harder and harder to less (less time with their families, less time with the parts of their jobs that they were so passionate about). I help them streamline their business lives to match their goals and not let their business lives take over.
– Nadia Cornier, Allentown, PA


Living the 80/20 Way profoundly changed the way I approach my life. After reading your book, these are some of the changes I made:

  • For years I was stuck in a dead end marriage, and I ended up getting divorced. This was the best decision for both of us and we parted as friends
  • I reduced the number of consulting clients I work with, and now only work with a few high paying clients that I really like (as opposed to being a slave to my business and my clients)
  • As a result I have an enormous amount of discretionary time and head space that I never had before and most of my friends are quite envious about my relaxed pace of living
  • I revived a few passions like fly fishing, exercise and travel and can honestly say my quality of life has improved significantly as a result
  • The friends and acquaintances I invest in has also changed based on your suggestions, again, with tremendous positive benefit

The list goes on
I have never had more clarity in my life, and in part, I have you to thank for it. So thank you.

– Niel Malan, CEO of Leverage Global


Where in Spain or Portugal can I meet other like-minded entrepreneurial types so stimulation is still around me? When you cut out so much of the time-zapping crap, it can get lonely at times because we feel like an anomaly not doing the regular 9-5 as the vast majority. I do think we are awash with time for the most part.
– Pablo Kuntz, Founder, Unique Japan


I found your book at a small bookstore in Clifton, OH. I became a full time entrepreneur in 2004.
Because of your work I am truly living the life of a “lazy entrepreneur”. My net worth it almost 10M and my goal of owning 5 companies with each one having annual revenues of at least 10M(US) in sales is being realized.
– Bryan Wilson, Full Time Entrepreneur, Ohio


I’m an actor/writer and live and work in New York. One thing that has been of immense help to me is to evaluate the types of jobs I’ve worked on before and determine what was my best 20% and pursue more roles like these.
– Atticus Cain, Actor, New York


I am applying many of the principles you wrote about in The 80/20 Individual. I outsource many of the ways my messages/products get to my customers. I hire excellent people who own their own businesses, so I don’t have any employees. I believe that my business, a sole proprietorship, will become the equivalent of a multi-million dollar corporation.
– Mujiba, Camden, NJ, Author


Living the 80/20 Way has to be one of the clearest and most inspirational success and self-help books. I am a photographer and lecturer in photography, and with the help of the book I have defined a more clear destination for myself.
– Damian Drohan, Cork, Ireland


I was President/CEO of a computer consulting firm from 1993-2003 in Kansas City. I read your book ‘The 80/20 Principle’ a couple of years ago and wish I’d used your principles during those ten years.
I am now VP of Sales for a company called PowerCore, Inc. We use the 80/20 principles to show organizations how to unify a message across the enterprise.
– Daniel O’Boyle, VP of Sales, PowerCore, Inc., Lenexa, KS


I am employed with Standard Chartered Bank as a Collections executive managing a team of 35 people. Your book and concept have helped me shape my career in the bank and also turn around a business that was ailing. Right now we have been elected as a top performing collections team with minimum delinquency credit portfolio in the country. I am tempted to say you and your idea changed my life.
– Somraj Dutta, Center Manager –CCPL, Standard Chartered Bank, India


In Dec. 2001, I read your book the 80/20 Principle. Since then, your ideas have helped me lead a simpler yet richer life. For example:
• I own fewer pieces of clothing (if 20% of your clothes get used 80% of the time, it makes sense to only keep that 20%).
• I have only 8 full time employees in my business.
• I try to spend my time on the most value creating activities (such as doing customer and user interviews to validate our ideas).
– Vikram Narayan, CEO, BookBuzzr, India


I am an attorney who has worked at two large international law firms for over four years. I struggled with constantly feeling like I have too much to do and not enough time to do it. I also saw little opportunity for advancement in my legal career.
Since reading your book I have made a conscious effort to think the 80/20 way about everything, resulting in less stress, more productivity, and better long-term prospects.
– Doug Britt, Raleigh, NC


Thank you for helping me better allocate my time!
– Matt Gambino, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Boston, MA


I read your book the 80/20 Principle when I was 20. The Happiness chapter changed my focus on how to live my live for the better.
– Elizabeth Boylan, Creative Director, Vector Bloom Technologies, British Columbia, Canada


Your honesty speaks volumes. Your book is in the process of revolutionizing my life. You have opened up a whole new way of goal setting.
– Warwick Marsh, Wollongong, Australia, Dad4Kids Fatherhood Foundation


Your book had a profound effect in my life. Having gone through many ups and owns, I realized what I was doing wrong and made significant steps to correct the mistakes by using the 80/20 Principle.
– Jayadeep Purushothaman, Bangalore, India


Your original 80/20 book is for me one of the primary books that fundamentally changed how I did business, the way I thought and acquired stock.
– Adam Shaw


I have always loved the ’80/20 principle’ and used it over 20 years ago when working as an accountant to work out customer profitability. Your book on the topic is my all-time favourite business read.
– Neil O’Brien, Quantum Business Solutions, Ireland


I view you as one of the pre-eminent thought leaders in leadership and high performance.
– Simon Reynolds, Chairman of OMG, Australia, Author of “Why People Fail”


I have read with great interest and curiosity The 80/20 Principle as well as Living the 80/20 Way. My wife and I decided to incorporate the principles you are teaching into our children’s curriculum. I can envision that “Less is More” will eventually be taught at many public and private schools. It is immensely valuable for today’s generations and generations to come.
– Hansueli Overturf, Winterthur, Switzerland