Like all children, I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up


Like all children, I was often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up.   After I had moved on from bus conductor and orchestra conductor, my standard reply was that I wanted to be a millionaire.  Now I wish that I had chosen to think about something more worthwhile, but money it was.  I was never anxious about getting rich, but equally I never doubted that it would happen.  As I grew up it receded to the back of my mind, but it was always there.  And whether a coincidence or not, it happened by my early thirties.  And, so far, has continued apace.

There is a theory called the Law of Attraction, which says that what we think about fervently is likely to become reality.  According to the theory, there is an active intelligence in the universe – sometimes called God or the Spirit, sometimes unnamed – and we attract what we want by sending out the appropriate vibes.  My irreverent summary may make it sounds slightly preposterous, and in truth some of the proponents of the theory – which mixes weird Christian and pantheistic theology with New Age psychobabble and a smattering of science – are more than a little ‘far out’.  The Law of Attraction is not intellectually respectable and it’s easy to mock.

But that is not my intention. I observe that the theory often works.  And I think there is a good reason – which may even be grounded in decent psychology – why it does.

This is my explanation.  The power of the subconscious is prodigious.  Whenever we think deeply about a subject and really care about it – whether it’s an intellectual exploration or something practical we want to achieve – our subconscious mind works overtime on the issue.  We notice all kinds of things that previously whizzed past us unobserved.  You must have had this kind of experience – you get a new job and suddenly you notice the firm’s products everywhere, you learn a new language and hear it everywhere, you think about a problem and, while you go about your daily life, clues to resolve the problem appear from nowhere.  When we truly and seriously want to achieve something, help arrives from every corner.

It also seems that our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between things that we visualize and things that that we have already achieved.  If you picture yourself doing something that you want – holding an audience rapt with attention, winning a prize, writing an acclaimed novel, getting the attention of someone you find attractive – you will surprisingly often attain what you want.

And you must know people who are fearful and negative – and who seem to attract bad fortune.   And other people, who are serene and thankful for their lives, seem to attract good fortune, or at least triumph over adversity because they see it as temporary and able to be overcome.   Moods, too, seem to be self-fulfilling.  When you are in a great mood and smile at everyone, they smile back.  You become powerful.  When you are in bad mood, you attract misfortune.

To an amazing degree, we are what we think.

It’s therefore a good idea to think seriously about our life and how we can make the most of it.

A ten point plan for attracting fortune

Here are some hints that I have shamelessly plundered – or perhaps attracted – from writers about the Law of Attraction.  They may sound a little strange or trite, but I recommend you suspend any doubts and give them a try for six months or a year and see if they work for you:

 1.     Believe in beneficence and plenty

 You have to believe that there are plenty of good things to go round in the universe.  I personally don’t see a problem in believing this, and it doesn’t require subscribing to any mumbo-jumbo.  If you look at how much wealth and well-being have been created in the past two centuries, it’s easy to believe that more is on the way.

 2.     Decide what you really want – your goal

It seems you can decide to focus narrowly – for instance, on attracting money, or excellent health, or confidence, or peace of mind, or the good of a loved one, or harmony with other people – or you can roll all of these together into ‘prosperity and well-being’.

 3.     Believe in service

 Though different writers put this in different ways, a common theme that makes a lot of sense to me is that you have to believe that in attracting good things, you are going to be a force for good yourself.  If you are thinking selfishly, you’re not going to attract benign forces in other people or ‘the universe’.

 4.     Use your talents

 You’re not going to attract good fortune unless you are a worthy vehicle for it.  Use whatever talent you have to the utmost.  Become a more useful and attractive person.

 5.     Remove negative clutter

 Get rid of negative emotions and anything that is blocking focus on your goal.  If you have possessions that you are not using or can’t use to attain your goal, sell them or give them away.  If you are harbouring any grudges against anyone, forgive them and forget about them.

 6.     Write down your goal or goals

Be precise.  It is probably a good idea to do this every day, not referring back to your previous written record.   What you write down you will remember, until you don’t need to write it anymore.

 7.     Create  a picture of what you want

 Visualize it.   See yourself attaining it.

 8.     Say it out loud

Say what your aspirations are.  Confess them to a friend, or if you can’t do that, go for a walk or a bike ride alone and say the words out loud.  This will lock them into your subconscious.

 9.     Be thankful

 Praise and bless whatever you have and imagine it growing larger.

 10.  Give to other people

 Whatever you have been given, share it.  If it is money, give a large portion of it away, intelligently, to create as much love, truth and beauty as you can.

 If you truly want to make the most of your life, why not try this simple plan?  What do you have to lose?  If it doesn’t work after a fair trial, shelve it.  If it does work, tremendous!  Either way, please let me know your experience.

 If you want to read more about the Law of Attraction, I recommend ‘Open Your Mind to Prosperity’ by Catherine Ponder.

Next week I will return to earth and discuss a less mystical and much more specific way to get rich: the Star Principle.

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